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Evangelist Bobby Martin


                                                                     Bobby’s lifestyle didn't reflect the way he was raised. He was from a Christian family and his                                                                                            father Rev. Sudhir Martin is well known Pastor in the city. But Bobby didn't want anything to do                                                                                      with the church. From the age of 16 Bobby got involved in criminal activities like beating                                                                                                  up people, throwing people out of their houses and working for the politicians. For few years                                                                                        Bobby led a life of crimes. But the thrill of it was short-lived and he became unhappy.

                                                                    As Bobby struggled with his feelings of unhappiness- a director of YFC visited his home and gave him                                                                           an invitation to a youth camp. At the camp, Bobby and his friends skipped the meetings and did what                                                                         they wanted. But on the last day they decided to attend the last meeting. During the session- actors                                                                             presented a skit about life- this caught Bobby’s attention. A person was burdened and he could not carry on anymore, many came and told him to smoke, drink, go to the prostitute but nothing help and his burden increased that he collapsed.

As Bobby watched, a man came and picked up the burden and threw it away, and that man was Jesus. As Bobby was watching the skit he saw something else too… he saw him reflection in the mirror and he was covered with dirt from head to toe. But then Jesus came and wiped away the dirt from his body.   Bobby understood that his life wasn't pleasing to Jesus. He wanted to change his lifestyle and wanted a new life in Jesus and that night Bobby had an encounter with Jesus; it was 9th June 1995 Bobby gave his life to God and from that day onwards- he is a different person. He had experienced Jesus Christ in a personal way and wanted to live his life for Him. He began going to church and wanted to know more about God. But because of his bad reputation from his past people from the church weren't sure if he had really changed. God’s presence comforted Bobby and kept him strong in his faith- even when times were difficult. Slowly people started realizing that he has changed his ways.  

Today, Bobby is truly a changed man. His life of crime is over and the feelings of anger and hate are gone. God has taught him that because of Christ’s love for him he can love and be a blessing to others. After finishing his Bible training in 1998 Bobby came into ministry. Today Bobby is in full time ministry serving God as an Evangelist.   
Bobby is married to Ruth and God has blessed them with two beautiful daughters Bethany and Prisca. They are living in New Zealand, Bobby has joined Pastor Stewart Hanna and his Church called 'Vibe Church' in South Auckland.   Bobby has founded "Blessed Ministries International" which is an Evangelistic ministry. BMI Ministries taking the gospel of Lord Jesus to the entire world. Mission for BMI is to reach the lost where ever they are, and work with the body of Christ to help transform the ones who are found. Outstanding healings, signs and wonders happen in every ministry events. Evangelist Bobby Martin travels around the world with a burning passion to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.

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