“They told me I wouldn’t make the football team…I proved them wrong. They told me that I wouldn’t graduate from high school…I proved them wrong. They told me I’d never have a family…I proved them wrong.  

 Make it count, make every day count!”   --  Bobby Martin


meet current MLB pLayers

From calling balls and strikes to diffusing tough situations with managers, we'll teach you the fundamentals of being a referee. No one's called a blind ump when they get our credentials.

Our monthly MLB meet-n-greet sessions put you in contact with some of the game's greatest. From current players to retired All-Stars, get a chance to shake their hands, get an autograph and even get some tips on your game.

hitting drills

Our hitting drills take you past the batting cages and into our state-of-the-art lab where we measure your batting stance, swing and timing. Our computer calculations add science to your swing.

umpire camps as well